Elbert Cox

S/Sgt Elbert S Cox Jr was assigned to the 301st BG 419th Squadron.
Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Tail Gunner.

The entire Lt G. Neil Bech Crew from the 303rd BG, 359th BS, 8th Air Force,with the exception the Bombardier, volunteered to transfer to the 301st BG(H), 419th BS, 15th AF at Foggia, Italy following mission #117 - 4 March 1944. The 15th AF was starting to encounter German fighter aircraft and wanted the benefit of some seasoned 8th AF combat crews. Lt Bech flew 17 additional missions with the 301st BG(H) for a total of 34 credited missions which met the 15th AF 50 mission combat tour requirement with double mission credit for the long-distant targets.
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Date Order Award Ribbon & Device Document Originator Rank Status


General Order (GO)* : 731

AM/2OLC Air Medal Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

Air Medal (AM) Oak Leaf Cluster (OLC)

Issuing Authority: 15th Air Force

Current Rank: S/Sgt

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