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Military Cinema Presents, Combat film of the 301st BG in WWII on DVD.

Archival Combat Film Footage DVD of the 5th Bomb Wing and 301st BG.

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July 26, 1944 Revisited in 2009 by Bill Brainard

Ratten's police station in 1944 is located In 1976 the police station became appartments and was remodeled Bill in invited in to see where the cell he was kept in awaiting to be transfered to his new POW home What was once a cell, is now wood storage for the appartments. Bill tells Wolfgang Brossmann about it. The graveyard where Bill's comrades were burried until they were moved home or to a Military Cemetery. Christian shows Bill parts recovered from one of the two crash sites while touring the display Christian set up in the Church School. Christian shows the group the displays of information he has gathered about the eleven 301st B-17s lost on July 26, 1944 Gail and Tom stand by an oxygen tank fron the Preperations start for the Dedication.  TV crews from Graz record the events Bill places a wreath at the Memorial Plaque The guests await the start of the review by the Veterans' Association The parade starts One of three bands that attended play as these units pas in review. The Honor Guard move into position Many, many Units parade by.  Over 700 Veterans marched in the parade celebrating 900 year birthday Tom and Gail Spencer prepare to move Bill to the Celebration Hall Josef Zingl, Chairman of the St. Jacob Veterans' Association, greets the honored guests from the United States A solo song for the visitors Over 700 Austrian Veterans celebrate the 900th Anniversity of their organization. The Memorial to two fine crews, my friends... A final look back at a wonderful place, St. Jakob im Walde Headed Home....
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  • July 26, 1944 Revisited in 2009 by Bill Brainard
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