James McGarry

Capt. James M A McGarry was assigned to the 301st BG 419th Squadron.
Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Pilot.

Yes, America, There Was a Christmas Eve in War-Torn Italy - World War II: As a B-17 bomber pilot, James McGarry flew 29 missions over Europe. He later wrote this remembrance of one memorable night.


December 18, 1994

I went into the club with Lt. Tom Lubeski of St. Louis, Mo., one of my new tentmates. We kicked the snow from our best shoes and hung our coats on nails near the door. There were more than 70 pilots, navigators, and bombardiers dressed as though for a general's inspection, throughout the club. At the farther end of the building stood a Christmas tree which Jack had brought from the hills. Someone had decorated it with real candles that had come in a package from home. My co-pilot, Chuck Whiting of Norwell, Mass., was behind the bar. He had on a red bow tie and a homemade apron. Sgt. Bill Rogers of Brandon, Miss., who would be shot down a few weeks later, was stirring something in a gigantic bowl at one end of the bar. A group of fellows clustered about the fireplace, with glasses of Italian rum and grapefruit juice in their hands, singing Christmas carols while Lt. Don Higgins of Sacramento, Calif., lovingly worked the keys of an ancient piano. The fire was crackling. Tom and I stood at the end of the bar with four or five friends and talked about home, about combat, about the wonderful party we were having. Everyone was in a holiday spirit. At the height of the party, shortly before midnight, a homemade stove that had been installed in a corner of the building set fire to the papered ceiling and the flames spread rapidly through the club, putting an end to the celebration. We fought the fire with buckets of water at first, but the roof, built of wood and decorated with highly inflammable materials, caught up quickly. We stood outside in the snow and watched emergency fire crews extinguish the flames. When the fire was out, Tom and I went back into the charred building to view the damage. The crude chairs and tables had been broken and partly burned. The Christmas tree was a black skeleton and water, pieces of burned paper and wood covered the floor. Jack deKruif came running inside. "Come on you guys," he hollered, "get to work." He looked at the fireplace. It was dripping water and the ashes were wet. Jack took a stick, scraped the fireplace and went outside. He came back in a moment, carrying an armload of wood. Pasquale brought in a huge log and placed it in front of the fireplace while Jack lit another fire. Someone had put new candles on the mantle. Chuck said, "Hey you guys, I salvaged a case of beer . . . of course, it's a bit warm, but it's beer." We sat down on the log in front of the fire. Pasquale opened the case and passed out the drinks. Chuck told him to sit down and have a beer with us. Pasquale raised his bottle, smiled and said, "Buono Natale." "Yes," Chuck said, "And a Merry Christmas to you, Pasquale." But the stench from the burned buildling soon got to us and we had to leave.


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Date Order Award Ribbon & Device Document Originator Rank Status


General Order (GO)* : 4857

AM/1OLC Air Medal Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

Air Medal (AM) Oak Leaf Cluster (OLC)

Issuing Authority: 15th Air Force

Current Rank: 1st Lt


General Order (GO)* : 1487

AM/2OLC Air Medal Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

Air Medal (AM) Oak Leaf Cluster (OLC)

Issuing Authority: 15th Air Force

Current Rank: 1st Lt


General Order (GO)* : 2644

DFC Distinguished Flying Cross

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

Issuing Authority: 15th Air Force

Current Rank: Capt

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3/17/1945 General Orders 1487 AM

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