A/C: 42-31625

Date: 07/26/1944

To all those who lost their lives and to all who participated in that mission 67 years ago today, God Bless you all. May all of you be remembered and honored always. Russ Webb (relation of Lt. Charles Van Houten, 419th squadron ), lost 7/26/1944.

Jul 27, 2013 - Jul 27, 2013 - Memorial Dedication Ratten, Austria: On July 27, 2013 there will be a Memorial Dedication for the crew of 419th Squadron aircraft 42-31625 shot down over Ratten, Austria on July 26, 1944. Where: Ratten, Austria

James Lilligren Pilot
Vernon Thompson Co-pilot
John Stever Navigator
Richard Longo Eng/Gunner
Charles Allison Rad/Opr
Edwin Bishop Waist Gunner
Ira Lewis Waist Gunner
Jesse Brenneman Ball Turrent
Herbert Herring Tail Gunner