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Sgt. Fred Keener Sgt. Fred Keener Home in the Olive Grove Road to work Fred's fellow B-17  NCOs. Crew Members: L- R Front - Blair, Griffiths, Back- Conley, Commerford, Clardy Olive Grove owner's home where he kept a close eye on his pretty daughter Clardy Blair Conley Sgt. Thomas Commerford College Training Detachment, Wichita Univ., Wichita, Kansas Back Row - far left - Fred Keener College Training Detachment, Wichita Univ., Wichita, Kansas Front Row - far right - Fred Keener 'City Pharmacy' in Las Animas, CO - Aircraft flown in on first mission. It crash landed with another crew in March 1945. Bob Derry's Crew at Mac Dill - Fred front row far right Fred with his Brother-In-Law Richard Jorgenson who survived the sinking of the USS Lexington in the Battle of the Coral Sea Another of Fred's Brother-in-Laws, Jim Pryor. Marine who fought at Iwo Jima. Another of Fred's Brother-in-Laws, George Wilson, Army, with Fred's older sister Beulah. George was a survivor of a freighter sunk in the Gulf of Mexico by a German submarine while returning from the Canal Zone.  Another of Fred's Brother-in-Laws,Floyd Deal and his wife Ellen, drove Fred and his wife to be, across the border into Kansas one night to get married. Fred and Floyd were lifelong friends.  Both were married for over 60 years. Fred and Lynn Keener 1986 Fred's son, Lynn ( right ) visits with Pilot Thad Crump and son Phillip in Richmond on Veterans' Day 2014

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