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Military Cinema Presents, Combat film of the 301st BG in WWII on DVD.

Archival Combat Film Footage DVD of the 5th Bomb Wing and 301st BG.

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Richard Erickson

My father was not normally the the ball turret gunner as he was when shot down; he was normally in the top turret. The plane was shot down by a ME109, and my father suffered an bullet wound in the upper left leg while moving through the plane to bail out. He was held in a German POW hospital for a couple of months and then was transferred to Luft Stalag XVIIB near Krems, Austria. In April 1945, the American POW's in Stalag XVIIB were marched west towards Braunau-am-Inn in order for the Germans to avoid being over-run by the advancing Russians. The men were liberated by elements of Patton's 3rd Army in early May, 1945.

Back L to R: R. D. Mayse; J. H. Johnson; A. Barilotti; Richard N. Erickson; Ed Kosenski

Front L to R: Pilot C. E. Abramson; Co-Pilot G. Gianacovo; Nav. H. Wardin; Bomb. R. Parker

MACR: 2635

Richard Erickson

S/Sgt Richard N Erickson was assigned to the 301st BG 352nd Squadron.
Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Ball Turret.

Back L to R:

The following information on Richard Erickson is gathered and extracted from military records. We have many documents and copies of documents, including military award documents. It is from these documents that we have found this information on S/Sgt Erickson. These serviceman's records are nowhere near complete and we are always looking for more material. If you can help add to Richard Erickson's military record please contact us.

  Rank General Order Date Notes Award Ribbon & Device

Richard Erickson






Air Medal (AM)

Richard Erickson






Air Medal (AM) Oak Leaf Cluster (OLC)

Richard Erickson






Air Medal (AM) Oak Leaf Cluster (OLC)

Please contact us with any biographical data, pictures or other information regarding the service and life of Richard Erickson.

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