MIA Brux 3/9/45 w/O'Callaghan, bailed out over friendly territory, all returned. 352nd BS crew

1st Lt. O'Callaghan, Theodore P Pilot

2nd Lt. Anderson John W. Co-Pilot

2nd Lt. Bailey Wilmer F. Navigator

T/Sgt Alvin L. Clevenger Engineer

T/Sgt Lester Randles R/O

S/Sgt Harold W. Huffer WG

S/Sgt Pacey, Donald G W TG

S/Sgt Albert Joens

S/Sgt Val Sukenik

Flak hit the B-17's number three engine and then its number one. The crew salvoed the bombs and left the formation. When the third engine cut out, the crew bailed out, just south of German lines

Aircraft: B-17
Tail/Serial Number: 42-97902
Model: B-17G-35-VE
Delivery: Tulsa-3/30/44
DateAssigned: Lucera-7/6/44

Group and Squadrons(s) Assigned:
301 BG (419 SQ)

Plane Nose Art Names:

MACR: 12950 A/C Details

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