97th BG, 341BS Polebrook 8/17/42; transferred to 301st BG, 419th; St. Donat 4/43 {18m}; Salvaged Nov. 9, 1944 at Gatwick, England; Possible name "Flying Patch"

Aircraft: B-17
Tail/Serial Number: 41-24379
Model: B-17F-1-BO
DateAssigned: 92 BG-Bangor 6/24/42

Group and Squadrons(s) Assigned:
301 BG (419 SQ)

Plane Nose Art Names: Flying Patch

A/C Details

B-17F #41-24379 "The Flying Patch", assigned to 341st Bombardment Squadron, 97th Bombardment Group, 8th Army Air Force stationed in Polebrook, England

Pilot Capt H.P. McCorkle, Co-Pilot Lt. Ed Neff Jr, Bombardier Lt. Robinson, Navigator Lt. Puglis, Top Turret T/Sgt Melvin Bahnmiller, Radio Operator T/Sgt R. Troxell, Waist Gunner/Engineer S/Sgt Benjamin E. Irvin, Waist Gunner S/Sgt Eugene Light, Ball Turret S/Sgt Daniel E. Gable, Tail Gunner S/Sgt Joseph R. Myshrall.

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