Crash Site A/C 42-97728 301st BG


Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) No. 10081 View Details

Mt. Schoneck, Austria   Crash Site A/C 42-97728 L to R - Richard Pieber,  Jens Pieber (son) Crash Site of A/C 42-97728 in summer of 1945 or 1946 MACR 10081 shows crew of 42-97728 Part of the wing used on a hunter's hut Richard with part of the flap Jens, Richard's son, helps his father search for parts Richard is heading home after searching the site Map of Crash Site - in lower center within red circle Model of 42-97728 by Richard Pieber Richard Pieber has aqcuired the rear door of 42-97728 from another collector.  Inside view.

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